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How we Work:

  1. Step 1: have your original media picked up and delivered to our facility or shipped if this is more convenient for you and your project.

  2. Step 2: Give us your contact information and or any special processing instructions in printed format with your original media.

  3. Step 3: allow a reasonable amount of time to process your project. Rush service can be offered but average turn around cold be a few days depending on size and quantity of media to be processed.

  4. Step 4: Pay any fees associated with your project our preferred payment method is Paypal.

  5. Step 5: We will promptly return your original media and newly processed data format on CD or DVD disk with basic instruction on how to access the new media format.

  6. Step 6: Enjoy your new media and please let your friends, associates and co workers about our service.

    With out giving away to much information on our service let me just say that we will uses an assortment of hardware, software, equipment, and devices to import your original media into our system, process the information as needed for the best reproduction of a product we can produce.

    Some additional tweaking of older media formats may be required to clean up hiss, pops, and clicks but should in major modifications to media imported the client will be informed and if special sound quality processing is required this may require an additional fee and additional time to complete your project. The majority of audio cassettes, records, and studio processed media will not require any additional processing.

Copyright disclaimer: Please read below

VHS Tapes not home recorded are of good quality and can be transferred to a DVD media format for archival purposes. S.E.A.D.S. does not wish to violate any copyright laws so only one archival reproduction of a product may be processed. Yes your Favorite Video Tape will now be viewable on a standard DVD Player but no we can not make 50 copies of the same studio production nor will our processed video tape be comparable to the studio production of the same movie with the bonus features, subtitles, and extras in retail purchased DVD format.. We will simply copy your Video cassette tape to a Simple and basic DVD structure playable in most modern DVD/Blue ray players.

Audio Cassette tapes, and Vinyl records will be converted to MP3 format (unless otherwise requested) and transferred to an Audio format CD disk playable in most standard CD music players. For an additional fee of  $2.50 single or first track, Plus $1.00 per additional track MP3 files can be included on a 2nd CD rom or other form of portable media at a client's request (For Archival purposes) but multiple copies of the same tracks/Albums can not be made via our service. Again this is for Archival purposes and you must own the a legal copy of the original media we are transferring from.

    Step 1:

    If you are located in the tri county area of South Florida, (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) You can bring your music item, Records, Cassette tapes, to our processing center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in person drop of the media  to be transferred and we will give you an ETA of when we expect to complete your project. most audio conversions are done in real time so the time it takes to presses your media is usually about twice the length of the media.

Pick up and drop off arrangements can be made with S.E.A.D.S. for an estimated $10.00 fee in Broward county and $15.00 - $35.00 fee for Dade or Palm Beach Counties. Northern Palm Beach and Jupiter or south date and homestead areas are more like $50.00 fee

Estimated pickup/delivery ranges: (up to 50 +/- items for processing)

0 - 10 miles $10.00    10 - 20 miles $20.00     20 - 30 Miles $30.00 fee     30 - 40 miles $40.00 etc

As gas is approaching $4.00 a gallon these delivery charges seem fair.

    If not within the Tri County area listed above, they your media may have to be shipped to our processing facility. you are responsible for all shipping fees to and from our facility. Media such as cassette tapes and even Video tapes can handle mail shipment fairly well but our recommendation is to use UPS or Federal Express for faster and more reliable delivery.

    Once an Item is received we will contact your in regards to estimated pricing and date of completion. Once you are happy with the terms we will process all of your media then contact you with the total price for your job. Payments can be made via PayPal, Check, Money order or even cash. Shipping and handling return of your item will be added to the bill and an email PayPal request for payment will be made and sent to your email address. Once your full payment has been processed by PayPal we will return your items with the new media format CDrom or DVD disk to your home or office.

Step 2:

With all orders please give us the following information:

  • Full name

  • Delivery address

  • Valid contact phone number

  • Valid email address

  • Preferred payment method

  • Any special Instructions we may need to process your job

Step 3:

Estimated processing time for media:

1 standard cassette tape of about 45 minuets will take about an hour and a half to process, Cleaning up the media sound quality is dependent on original sound quality and can take minuets to hours to process.

1 standard LP of about 60 minuets of music will tame about 2 hours to process.

Transfers of entire albums to MP3 format is by all means the fastest but if you wish to receive your transferred files on a playable CD rom disk and another 30 minuets or so per tape or album.

Please be patient as this is a small home based service so we may only be able to process 2- 4 record or cassette tape albums a day. 4 complete full length albums is almost an 8 hour day.

Floppy and Zip Disks are just data transfers and can be processed fairly fast so if you bring us a stack of floppy disks or even zip disks we can transfere this data in a few minuets per megabyte to a CD or VD data file. (This is dependent of disk accessibility damaged data disks will take longer if we can even access the files on the damaged media.

1 standard Video Cassette tape (Not home made or VCR copied Video Tape) 90 - 120 minuets will take up to 4 hours to process

1 Standard or mini home recorded Video Tape ranges 30 minuets to 8 Hours+ can take up to 2 days to fully process (Note most DVD disks are rated for up to 240 minuets for medium Quality video) Home created Video Tape quality can be varied and require additional attention just to process the date. As an example music quality video tapes over 2 hours have serious degradation in the sound quality.

Photo, Graphs and Document scanning requires more detail please contact us directly for further information on these services.

Estimated 1200 dpi scan of a standard photograph or single page document takes a few minuets but can be as large as a few megabytes to 20+ megabytes dependent on format and desired quality. Digital image processing requires time and usually additional manipulating and  processing is required to modify the scanned image to be of a manageable size file such as PDF conversion of Documents and Jpeg processing of digital photographs and slides..

Digital files such as MP3, MP4, Wave, AVI, Divix, Mpg, jpg, gif, pdf etc can be returned on different forms of media from simple CDrom or DVDrom disks to memory keys, cards, and sticks to external storage devices. Our standard processing fees only include CDrom and DVDrom disks but other arrangements can be made, contact us for special media requests.

  Step 4:

     Once a Project is completed S.E.A.D.S. will send you a PayPal bill for the total amount Due including shipping and handling fees. We will also contact you via your valid phone number once we receive in your project and once the project is compleated.

  Step 5:

    When you have made your payment S.E.A.D.S. will promptly return all original media with the newly processed data files on CD or DVD disk (Unless other arrangements have been made) *

    Please allow 3 - 5 Business days for your media to be returned after full payment has been received and Processed through Paypal. (48 hours is local delivery arrangements have been made) #

  Step 6:

    Enjoy your media on your modern stereo, computer or DVD device and please know we are a home based business and we need your support so please tell your friends, associates, coworkers neighbors and any one else you can about our service.

*Please note we are a home based business and projects received and processed but not paid for within 30 days after request for payment has been made may be subject to deletion and possible disposal of original media dependent on quantity of media/data received in for processing. S.E.A.D.S. understands how finances can get tight and will gladly work with you the client to resolve any disputes in billing or ability to make a prompt payment.

#S.E.A.D.S. will hold finished work/Data or one of our computer Hard Disk Drives for a period of not more then 30 days from completion of your project so please once you have received your completed project review it and let us know if all is satisfactory. S.E.A.D.S. will not keep, share, sell or trade any of Clients data for any reason. Once a project is completed and payment is processed for our services we will remove any ruminants of the client's original data from our computers and systems within 30 days. We understand your need for privacy and security and will take all reasonable measures to keep every client's information and data safe and secure.



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