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SEADS Services c/o Robert Jones
4361 NW 3rd Place
Plantation, Fl 33317
(954) 689-7573

SEADS AV Service, Angela Lewis
Tampa, Fl - St. Pete, Fl
(Call for appointment) or (Ship to)
8501 52nd St. N, Apt 7B
Pinellas Park, Fl, 33781


Note I am a home based Business and above would be my Shipping address. Please call to let us know if you are shipping your original items to our facilities.

NOTE: If you live close to us then you have the options to drop or ship your media. If you decide to send your media then make sure to include a list of your items and what services you are requesting us to process your media to.  (You are responsible for to and from Shipping fees. Return shipping will be same as you paid to ship to us plus a fee for insurance and registered mail. There is no fee if we are unable to process your media with the acceptation of shipping fees plus insurance and registered mail if you have an account with FedEx or UPS and can make arraignments for them to pick up your media at our location there will be no additional shipping fees). Also make sure to protect them very well so that they are not damage during shipping. I do NOT work on projects whose clients ask me to sign declaration forms or fill out W-9 forms. I will provide an invoice for all projects completed by SEADS..


Contact us for your audio and video conversion solutions!

This a home based audio conversion facility, so our services are fast and affordable


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