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  Audio Cassette & Vinyl LP to CD Conversion Service

We have been doing audio and video conversions since 2008. Our conversion services include LP to CD, Music & Audio Cassette to MP3, Micro cassettes, MiniDV, VHS & VHS-c Tapes to DVD, 35mm slides to CD & DVD, photos to CD and DVD. We use very high quality audio and video equipment for the transfers. We have a lot of experience and our services are fast and affordable.

78 vinyl lp to cd conversion service digital conversions  Convert LP to CD or MP3 music tape, microcassette, lp to cd conversion services


45, 78, 33 1/3 rpm records


Vinyl Record Conversion Service
(Digital noise reduction included)

Quantity Description Price
1 LP to audio cd or mp3s (includes both sides) $12
2 or more LP to audio cd or mp3s (includes both sides) $10 each
1 78 vinyl record to cd or mp3 (include both sides) $12
1 One song from LP, 45, or 78 converted to wav file or mp3 (mp3 only format $2.50 per item) *$5 each

*Note: There is a minimum charge of $10 per project

Upgrades Options:
Add additional $10 for Jewel Case with nice front cover and track titles listed on back cover


Vinyl Transfer Process

What the process involves is playing your LP in its entirety on both sides then cleaning up the recorded track, de-click and de-pop with some clever software then we separate and name each single track then record the cleaned up tracks on the a Hi-quality CD (Compact Disc), with CD quality sound. So you now can appreciate the time and effort that goes into putting your beloved LP on the Compact Disc, just one thing you should know for this process to work successfully the LP should be free off scratches that misguide the pick up needle. No matter how much digitizing I can do it is impossible to correct scratched LP's.


Vinyl Record Storage

To keep that great sound your vinyl record requires proper storage and maintenance. Vinyl can fall victim to a variety of problems including improper storage, heat, sunlight, dust, scratches and the occasional cup of coffee or piece of pizza. To any person who values their record collection it is important that they be maintained properly.

It does not matter how your store your LP if you do not have a proper sleeve and jacket. So consider this your first step. Make sure you have a paper sleeve and cardboard jacket to protect your vinyl from dust and dirt. These are the two main causes of scratches.

The vinyl of your LP is either pressed or engraved on both sides and cannot be stored horizontally. The weight of the records on top of one another or anything else that could get stacked on top can exert pressure on the grooves and cause sound distortion. Always store your records vertically. This does not mean jammed in a milk crate or leaning over in a apple box. Allowing your records to lean will cause the records to warp. Vertical storage exerts the minimum amount of stress possible. Do not try and squeeze as many LPs together thinking that they are really vertical now! That pressure on the vinyl can also lead to sound distortion. A little bit of space is good.

Vinyl does not get along with heat and the sun. Whether it is near a window with exposure to direct sunlight, a hot attic or a baseboard heater.

Humidity and vinyl are also enemies. A damp basement has the potential to allow mold to grow.

There are some quality products to store that great vinyl LP collection of yours. You have spent time and money investing in your hobby remember you should buy proper vinyl record storage so you can continue listening to those sweet sounds. See you on the flip side.

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This a SEADS based audio conversion facility, so our services are fast and affordable SEADS LLC has been in business for over 10 years. We are fast, affordable and most of all reliable. We treat all of your personal music and or data with the utmost of Professionalism.


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