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Copy Floppy Disk to CD

 We have been doing audio and video conversions since 2008. Our conversion services include LP to CD, Music & Audio Cassette-to-CD, MiniDV, Microcassette to CD, VHS & VHS-c to DVD, 35mm slides to CD/DVD, photos to CD/DVD, floppy and zip disk copy to compact disc. We use very high quality audio and video equipment for the transfers. We have a lot of experience and our services are fast and affordable.

floppy diskette

3.5" Floppy Diskette Transfer to CD

(Windows PC or MAC Format)

$2.00 per floppy disk

(Minimum charge per project $10)

zip disk 100mb

100mb, 250mb, 750mb Zip Disk Transfer to CD

(Windows PC or MAC Format)

$5.00 per zip disk

(Minimum charge per project $10)

We always scan all disks for viruses before transferring them to CDs or DVDs

*Note: There is a minimum charge of $10 per project

 Contact us for your audio and Video conversion solutions!

This a home based audio conversion facility, so our services are fast and affordable

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